On Commencing

A few years ago, an English teacher at Wellesley High School in my home state of Massachusetts delivered a rather “special” commencement address on the occasion of Wellesley’s graduation. While the message of David McCullough, Jr.’s speech was very funny, very memorable, and merits frequent repeating (watch the speech here),  it has actually been McCullough’s… Read More On Commencing

On 36

Yesterday, I turned 36. Closer now to 40 than 30, I once again must square my notions about what an age means with how I actually feel, having arrived there. When I was in elementary school, the fifth graders were awe-inspiring. They were such big kids, they were all so smart, and the girls were… Read More On 36

Home Again

After over a week away, our little family is re-acclimating to our summer routine at home.  As email and Facebook posts keep reminding me, though, our “summer routine” is about to be swapped for another routine to which I’m not quite ready to return.  I’m sure I will be when the time comes, but for now,… Read More Home Again