$200 Weed

Last summer, Mark and I bought a few large planters, filled them with flowers and greenery, and used them to decorate our front stoop and back patio. When the season was over, Mark ripped the dead plant matter from the pots and we left them to face the winter outside. (They’re made of durable plastic,… Read More $200 Weed

An Open Letter

Dear Musikgarten class in which my 16-month-old is enrolled, I hate every one of your thirty minutes with a fiery, abiding passion (and I’m pretty darn musical, actually). While attending you, I constantly feel that my son must be the only toddler in the world who prefers to put “rhythm sticks” and “jingle sticks” in… Read More An Open Letter

Wanted: potential greeting card authors who hate greeting cards

Now two days out from Valentine’s Day, I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on this year’s this year’s much-hyped “most romantic of days.”  I like the idea of greeting cards; there’s something about receiving a loved one’s handwritten card that encourages the same sort of thoughtfulness. (My husband just found the birthday card I’d carefully… Read More Wanted: potential greeting card authors who hate greeting cards