Keurig Cooties?

This morning, a producer from Chicago’s CBS affiliate came to our kitchen for help with a piece on Keurig (and other one-cup) coffee makers.  With the help of Loyola University Medical Center, she’s hoping to find out what sort of unwelcome flora might be growing in these handy little brewers.  I’ve owned my Keurig since 2006 or… Read More Keurig Cooties?

A trip to Super H Mart!

I ran into a common problem today while preparing to make a new recipe: weird ingredients.  I suppose they’re not really “weird,” but Shaoxing wine isn’t exactly the Canola Oil of cooking, right?  The recipe I’m planning is a common Chinese dish, but common Chinese ingredients (oyster sauce, anyone?) are remarkably uncommon in American supermarkets.… Read More A trip to Super H Mart!