Hi thanks wax mBM The Where am I?? What’s going on?? I nyX pop

For a household in which only two family members exceed 4′ in height, it’s amazing how much there is to do. Appointments with doctors, dentists, and veterinarians, kindergarten registration, soccer, swim team practices and meets, work appointments, riding, and the list goes on.  I’m a pretty big fan of our iPhone calendars for keeping track… Read More Hi thanks wax mBM The Where am I?? What’s going on?? I nyX pop

On Commencing

A few years ago, an English teacher at Wellesley High School in my home state of Massachusetts delivered a rather “special” commencement address on the occasion of Wellesley’s graduation. While the message of David McCullough, Jr.’s speech was very funny, very memorable, and merits frequent repeating (watch the speech here),  it has actually been McCullough’s… Read More On Commencing

Fortune On-Point

The fortunes inside take-out Chinese food’s fortune cookies seem to get worse with every passing year.  In fact, most of them aren’t even fortunes anymore.  Usually, they’re statements about the eater’s character more than they are predictions for the future (Recently, I bit into “You are friendly and liked by most who know you.”  It… Read More Fortune On-Point

Keurig Cooties?

This morning, a producer from Chicago’s CBS affiliate came to our kitchen for help with a piece on Keurig (and other one-cup) coffee makers.  With the help of Loyola University Medical Center, she’s hoping to find out what sort of unwelcome flora might be growing in these handy little brewers.  I’ve owned my Keurig since 2006 or… Read More Keurig Cooties?