Keurig Cooties?

This morning, a producer from Chicago’s CBS affiliate came to our kitchen for help with a piece on Keurig (and other one-cup) coffee makers.  With the help of Loyola University Medical Center, she’s hoping to find out what sort of unwelcome flora might be growing in these handy little brewers.  I’ve owned my Keurig since 2006 or 2007 (it was a gift from my parents), and, in that time, I’ve probably cleaned (I think the technical term is “descaled”) it…five times?  We use it daily, both to brew coffee and to warm Zoe’s bottles. (We did the same with Henry; it’s an excellent bottle warmer.)  For all my fastidiousness, I’m forever refilling the water reservoir without so much as a second thought given to scrubbing it out.  It’s only water, right?

Carol (the producer), took a sample of the water in the reservoir and swabbed the inside of the pod compartment and the outside of the drip mechanism.  In a couple of weeks, we’ll know whether ours is a clean machine or…not so much.  Stay tuned, faithful readers!  I’ll link the segment when it airs.  In the meantime, maybe clean your coffee maker?

Keurig testing.
Keurig cooties? We’ll see.

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